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Data Tracking
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Graphical Analysis

See your trends for training and competition shown in clear, easy to read formats.

Here is a list of Personal Graphs/Charts offered for each sport:

Cross Country Skiing

Distance Per Ski
Distance Per Ski (Races Only)
Time Per Ski
Time Per Ski (Races Only)


Distance Per Ride
Distance Per Ride (Races Only)
Time Per Ride
Time Per Ride (Races Only)

Inline Skating

Distance Per Skate
Distance Per Skate (Races Only)
Time Per Skate
Time Per Skate (Races Only)


Distance Per Run
Distance Per Run(Races Only)
Time Per Run
Time Per Run (Races Only)


Distance Per Swim
Distance Per Swim (Races Only)
Time Per Swim
Time Per Swim (Races Only)


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