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Data Tracking
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Data Tracking for Inline Skating

On the "Add Workout" screen you are able to record a wide range of information about your workout:

  • Workout Date
  • Location
  • Workout Type
  • Distance
  • Time
  • Goal Time
  • Skates
  • Weather
  • Heart Rate
  • Comments

Here, the last 10 workouts you recorded will be displayed, showing the date, distance, time, and your comments.

On the "Add Race" screen, you are able to record the same information as in the "Add Workout" screen, plus additonal information, including:

  • Race Name
  • Finish Position
  • Number of Contestants
  • Your Race Number
  • Cost

Here, the last 10 races you recorded will be displayed, showing the race date, distance, race time, race name and comments.

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